About The Hingham Gridiron Club


The Hingham Gridiron Club is a nonprofit membership organization open to football enthusiasts of all kinds, particularly those interested in strengthening the role of football in the Hingham community. Parents of high school players who join the Booster Club are automatic members, but the Gridiron Club welcomes youth parents, flag parents, alumni, local citizens, business owners and anyone passionate about the game. All are welcome! The Hingham Gridiron Club believes that the sport of football inspires unique and long-lasting character development for its players, including loyalty, tenacity, humility, integrity and civic engagement – and fosters a strong sense of community spirit for its town.

Harbormen Parents

Parents are key to a successful Harbormen season! In addition to being part of the special ops team at home – keeping your player fed, hydrated, rested and balanced throughout the season – Booster Club parents keep the day to day operations of the Harbormen football program running. It takes a small army of volunteers to support the activities of the season- from game day ops, hosting pasta parties, arranging drinks and snacks for away games, fundraising, writing newspaper articles, helping with community service projects, event planning, banquet planning, and so much more- there are myriad ways to get involved. And many hands make light work!

Check this page regularly for all the info parents need to know – volunteer opportunities, season schedules, parent handbook and more.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to HinghamGridiron@gmail.com

Our Purpose and Mission

The Hingham Gridiron Club was developed to complement and enhance the existing Booster Club model by providing a governance structure that could identify and support longer term strategic goals of the program.

Our mission is to support the activities of the HHS Harbormen football program, and to bring together players, coaches, parents, alumni, the HHS community and the community at large in pursuit of common goals of sportsmanship, scholarship, community service and civic pride.

We will carry out our mission by continually gathering input from the larger football community, by setting attainable goals and objectives each year and achieving such goals, and by maintaining a vision of a robust, dynamic and successful football program that is universally regarded as an asset to the Hingham community.